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  • Happy Holidays 2017

    Happy Holidays 2017

    Belated Holiday Greetings & Happy New Year! We apologize for being absent in 2016 (and almost doing the same in 2017) – but wanted to get a note out before we enter 2018 to let you know what we’ve been up to. Steve continues to enjoy working with Motorola Solutions, where he has recently been promoted […]

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  • Happy Holidays 2015

    Happy Holidays 2015

    Another year has passed. (How is it going by so quickly these days?) Nonetheless, we loved every moment and hope our electronic newsletter finds you happy and healthy. Steve is still enjoying his job at Motorola Solutions and spent a lot of time traveling as a result of his new position/promotion. Among his worksites and […]

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  • Happy Holidays 2014

    Happy Holidays 2014

    We hope our electronic newsletter finds you happy and healthy as we close out another year in the desert we love so much (camping and quad rides included). Steve is enjoying his job at Motorola Solutions and took advantage of various training opportunities (mostly at the company’s headquarters near Chicago, where I joined him in October […]

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  • Merry Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas 2013

    Happy holidays family and friends! We know, we know… it’s been awhile – too long, in fact, since we’ve sent a holiday letter. We hope you’re well and enjoying the holiday season. Fruit from the desert plant, peniocereus greggii Fruit from the desert plant, peniocereus greggii View at Picasa   We continue to love life […]

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  • Staining, Flooring, Furring

    Staining, Flooring, Furring

    Valentine’s Day brought a great gift to the Fry Ranch (well, specifically to Melissa and her mom): a helper to stain the gluelam beams on the ceilings. After trying it on their own and realizing they couldn’t hold their arms up in the air through 54 grueling beams, it was time to call in reinforcements! […]

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  • Back in the Saddle

    Back in the Saddle

    Trenching from new house to pole 5/13 View at Picasa   I couldn’t resist the cowboy turn of phrase (or Aerosmith tune, if that’s what sprang to your mind), but we’re back in the saddle again, folks with regard to our house building. On my birthday, May 13, we took the first construction step in more […]

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  • Merry Christmas 2010

    Merry Christmas 2010

    Happy holidays to our family and friends! This year, we’ve taken the time to slow down and enjoy the important things: family, friends, the two furry adoptees in our lives, new hobbies and the outdoors. Macho and Niña: We welcomed our new babies home on Feb. 13. These two high-energy furballs never fail to entertain […]

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  • Critters Galore

    Critters Galore

    Even though we have put house-building projects on hold as the heat continues to soar, the Fry Ranch has been active. Not only are the kids getting bigger (see our recent Macho & Niña photos. They’ll be a year old on Nov. 19!), but we’ve had loads of wild visitors (see our Latest video and recent Fauna […]

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  • Steve’s 40th B-Day Bash

    Steve’s 40th B-Day Bash

    It’s not every day you turn 40, so we celebrated Steve’s birthday in style (well … not sure if beer bongs, sloppy joes and tractor rides equate to style). But we had all of that going on, and a little more with approximately 50 in attendance (including a guest who passed out on the oh-so-soft […]

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  • Rain-Ready & Reaching Out

    Rain-Ready & Reaching Out

    The summer heat is here, but with the unexpected “cool front” over the weekend (93 degrees) – Steve was able to place some of our water collection tanks. Should be ready to harvest some water for monsoon season, which officially begins June 15. It will be nice to have the tanks filled and waiting for […]

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