Staining, Flooring, Furring

Valentine’s Day brought a great gift to the Fry Ranch (well, specifically to Melissa and her mom): a helper to stain the gluelam beams on the ceilings. After trying it on their own and realizing they couldn’t hold their arms up in the air through 54 grueling beams, it was time to call in reinforcements! Helper Jim made quick work of the staining in about four days!

Feb. 22  Kitchen view, stain complete

Feb. 22 Kitchen view, stain complete


March then saw the arrival of new sub-flooring, a result of our realization that radiant floor heat would be overkill in the desert. The exterior doors, however, had been set in place to accommodate a layer of gypcrete and radiant tubing. Without the radiant floor system, we had to make up the height difference; hence the additional layer of subfloor. It’s sturdy now! By April 1, thanks to Steve’s hard work, the subfloor was complete (as well as some new load-bearing reinforcements).

April and May have been dedicated to installation of furring strips, which are 2×2 strips that will allow for plumbing and wiring. The furring strips provide a surface for drywall screws, and the snaking of plumbing and electrical in between the bays.

So – yes –we’re finally moving again! Sadly, though, monsoon season is quickly approaching. When the rainy season hits, the humidity will rise, making the swamp cooler ineffective, and stopping our progress again until cooler temps roll around in September. See you then!

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