Rain-Ready & Reaching Out

The summer heat is here, but with the unexpected “cool front” over the weekend (93 degrees) – Steve was able to place some of our water collection tanks. Should be ready to harvest some water for monsoon season, which officially begins June 15. It will be nice to have the tanks filled and waiting for the first two planting shelves I’m going to work on in the fall (along the back wall).

But, back to Steve. Most of his time, these days, has been spent in his new “ham shack” – i.e. the camper. He’s now an amateur radio dude, making connections all across the U.S. with his radio. He’s most proud of the way he MacGyver’ed  $10 worth of PVC and wire together to build his antenna. And he’s giving himself a special pat on the back that those materials allowed him to reach the USS Missouri in Hawaii. He’s also made contact with hams in Michigan, Florida, Texas and Maryland.

So, if you’re ever out for a visit and wonder what the heck is jutting 20 feet off the roof of the house, now you know! It’s just Steve’s new hobby.

Take a peek at photos of the water collection tank install, and the four new videos on the home page, featuring our showering “dog” Macho, and our pouncing girl, Niña.

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