The Desert in Bloom II

Though the bright colors of the desert are fading fast, May brought another rush of pigmentation. Along with the yellow blooms of the palo verde, mesquite and acacia came the arrival of even more bees. The hills are alive with their buzz right now.

The most exciting discovery, though, was the arrival of western tanagers! I’ve wanted to see this tropical bird (Costa Rica) for years, and finally had the opportunity when I was running one morning. For four days, that very speedy bird and his comrades eluded me. But I finally got a photo before they headed north for summer.

Enjoy photos taken during hikes on the ranch, in Mammoth, Tucson, Oracle and Peppersauce (my new favorite hiking destination)! My apologies for not identifying all of the wildflowers. Enjoy them in their anonymity, and let me know if you can ID any of them.

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