The Desert in Bloom

Who says nothing grows in the desert? I’ve got proof to the contrary, as you’ll see from the photos taken during my various spring hikes. It has been an incredible wildflower season here in Mammoth’s slice of the Sonoran Desert. Some of my local friends say that some of the flowers we saw this year haven’t popped up in more than 15 years!

It’s quite amazing what you’ll see when you actually look around. On my morning jogs – and during hikes with my buddies – it’s become somewhat of a scavenger hunt, trying to locate a ‘new’ or ‘different’ flower every day. And I haven’t been disappointed yet! In fact, I found two more today. Most photos were taken right on our property. Those that were taken in nearby hiking destinations include a location name after the flower name. And forgive me … I wasn’t able to ID them all. Feel free to help if you know some of them or if I’ve misidentified any (highly probable).

Stay tuned. Part II of “The Desert in Bloom” will include the next burst of color that will arise from the flowering cacti, palo verde trees and mesquite trees. Can you tell how much fun I’m having living this “close” to nature?

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