Happy Holidays 2015

2015 Front

Another year has passed. (How is it going by so quickly these days?) Nonetheless, we loved every moment and hope our electronic newsletter finds you happy and healthy.

Steve is still enjoying his job at Motorola Solutions and spent a lot of time traveling as a result of his new position/promotion. Among his worksites and training destinations: Seattle, Washington; Las Vegas, Nevada; Roswell, New Mexico; Cheyenne, Wyoming (in December!); southern Arizona – near the Mexico border.

I continue to write for various clients and still blog a bit (check out my nature/writing escapades melissacrytzerfry.com, if you’re interested). My latest fiction, which is a dual historical and contemporary story, also was a semi-finalist in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Writing Competition for a novel in progress. We traveled to PA in August where we were able to visit both Steve’s and my family – and where I did some more fiction research in Kittanning.

In house-building news, we made the most measurable progress we have seen in years – probably since 2009 when we got the footers in and the house exterior up. Drywall is up! Walls are painted! A big portion of the flooring is complete! My office is done! We finished the courtyard! Of course, before all of that happened, Steve worked to install entryway vigas, finish plumbing, do interior framing for a built-in bookshelf, finished HVAC returns in preparation for heat pump/AC install, installed door jambs/doors, hung denim insulation (I helped!) – and probably many more things I forgot. I also spent loads of time staining doors, painting and painting some more (thank you, Regina, for coming out to help me finish – couldn’t have done it without you)! I have gotten darn good at edge lines, I must say!

With any luck, we’ll be in the house by spring, in a semi-finished state. Then we’ll continue to chip away at rooms as we can. Patience is the key, as we’ve learned.

Enjoy some progress shots of our handiwork during 2015 (click on any underlined words for links; then click on photos to enlarge):
•  Pre-Drywall Progress
•  Drywall & Mud
•  Courtyard
•  Paint/Flooring

Also check out the wildlife and landscape photos I took this year (I attended a photography class in March, and loved it!)
Spring landscapes
Hummingbird babies, hawks, butterflies, rattlers & more
Wildflowers – 1
Wildflowers – 2
Wildflowers – 3
Cattle, outdoors & a carnival

Wishing you a wonderful 2016!
Steve & Melissa

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