Framing, Cranes & Muscle Pains

IMG_8034Here we are into May already, with April’s whirlwind of activity behind us. Amid splinters and sore muscles, we worked throughout April on interior framing – finally seeing the rooms take shape. We even added a few vigas to the entryway! Toward the end of April, we rented a “Genie” lift to move the exposed “Glulam” beams into place – a piece of equipment that turned out to be anything but magical or wish-granting. While it helped us get beams up on the top plates of four rooms, we finally called in the big boys –crane operators – on May 1, to help with the larger beams. And, thanks to Charlie, our neighbor from Phoenix, we were able to get all the beams spaced/toe-nailed in, and the mini top-panels in place as well. We’ll tie up loose odds ‘n ends over the next few weeks with the goal of roof panel placement soon – again, with the big red crane. Check our April and May Construction Photos.

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