Mad Dash to Beat the Monsoons

IMG_8326As we inch closer and closer to Arizona’s official rainy “monsoon” season (mid-June), we have come to realize that trying to finish the roof install and parapets ourselves is too great a risk… Unless, of course, we want bucket loads of water falling on all our hard work. So – kicking and screaming – we agreed to hire a framing crew for assistance (we prefer to do our own work). Even with a four-man crew, and Steve working alongside them, it has taken days. And, as luck would have it, the very first day of roof panel placement, you guessed it … RAIN! But fortunately, it only got the crew wet once, and the torrential downpour lasted for only 30 minutes. We’re hoping the kitchen space will feel less expansive once we get cabinets in, but with 14-foot walls, it’s feeling a bit overwhelming. All the more space for Steve to cook in! Check out the our May Construction Photos.

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