Steve’s 40th B-Day Bash

It’s not every day you turn 40, so we celebrated Steve’s birthday in style (well … not sure if beer bongs, sloppy joes and tractor rides equate to style). But we had all of that going on, and a little more with approximately 50 in attendance (including a guest who passed out on the oh-so-soft roof of the new house. Glad we put that spiral staircase in!)

One big surprise was the arrival of Steve’s brother, Michael, from New Jersey. He and brother James managed to keep it a secret until the very end. Steve was fortunate to have had his entire wedding party present: James, Karl, Kory and Tom.

Enjoy the photos of Steve’s “old man” gifts (including adult diapers, enemas, bed pans – complements of Roxanne), and good times with friends.

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