“S’mores” Applied to House


The Dunn Edwards version of the color we chose is called s’mores (and perhaps why I was drawn to it), but the Dryvit color is called burnt oak. No matter what you call it, it is done! Our house no longer sports the ghostly white Tyvek wrap, the striped lath, or the boring gray scratch and brown coat colors.

The Dryvit material, a synthetic alternative to traditional stucco, is incredible – and our stucco crew was meticulous. We absolutely love it! This material is not supposed to crack like real stucco mud.

So … Nov. 17, the first day of Dryvit, was a big day, since we’d been working toward our Step 1 goal for 13 months: to have the house “dried in” with stucco, windows, etc. We have also been fortunate enough to complete a few other steps that we thought would have to wait: overhangs, concrete stoops, in particular.

Visit our November 2009 Construction photos to see our stucco progress. And feel free to leave us a comment by clicking the “Comments” links below each blog. Next step: rain gutters/scupper boxes – and, money allowing – the spiral staircase to the star-gazing deck.

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