Stucco and Stain – Part II


Sixty-five windows. Two gallons of stain. Two gallons of Danish oil. Six sanding pads. A box of 100 rubber gloves. Hundreds of screws and hardware. Three tins of paint thinner and lacquer thinner. Two bags o’ rags. Two brushes, two gals, one husband and two professional Pella staining “teachers.” That’s what it took to complete our window-staining project on Nov. 8. But we’re done!

And our second coat of stucco – the brown coat – was completed Nov. 10. On Monday, Nov. 16, our final color coat is supposed to be applied (the two-week cure time was overkill, so we opted for one week of cure time and watered down the house 2xs per day for ample curing time). Visit our November 2009 Construction photos to see both our stucco progress and our staining progress. And feel free to leave us a comment by clicking the “Comments” links below each blog.

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