Stucco and Stain – Part I


Our first coat of stucco – the scratch coat – was completed Oct. 28, and for the next three days, we sprayed down the house to harden the base coat. On the second day of ‘house watering,’ the interior also saw some action as my mom and I began window staining. Wow … those windows have a lot of hardware and assembly. Thankfully, we had a professional painter who specializes in Pella windows working with us the first two days. Now, thanks to his guidance, we’re on our own – power tools, paintbrushes and lacquer thinner in hand… Oh yes – and with Steve’s muscles to take the larger windows out and reinstall them for us.

Visit our October 2009 Construction photos to see both our stucco progress and our staining progress. And feel free to leave us a comment by clicking the “Comments” link below.


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