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With 110-degree and higher temperatures, our building progress has been on hold while we plan for concrete, porches/patios and stucco during cooler weather. However, construction hasn’t halted completely! Our new residents in the garage have been picking up the slack and building away throughout June. When we first discovered our new inhabitants, we thought rats were responsible for the pile of twigs, until we saw a roadrunner saunter in with twigs in its mouth.

The pair tried for weeks to build their nest on a narrow 2×6, but the twigs kept falling to the ground – until Steve built them their first platform at about 3 feet (at my urging). Even though they spent a day transferring their twigs to that platform, the roadies came back a few days later, gravitating up into the 2x6s again – near the rafters. So Steve built the second, higher platform, which they’ve adopted as their home (until we put a garage door on). They’re great at killing rattlesnakes, scorpions and other insects, so we’re happy to have them while they nest. They’re quite accustomed to us as well.


Roadie in RR tie

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