Ummm…. White Castle

Fry White Castle

Anyone who knows Steve knows that he is in love with White Castle sliders (mini-burgers popular on the East Coast). So – now that the house is wrapped in Tyvek and resembles a white castle due to the angular parapets, his eyes glass over, and he salivates every time he pulls in the driveway, murmuring dreamily, “Ummm…. White Castle….”

So – in between hunger pangs, we chose a stucco crew that wrapped the entire house in Tyvek. The roof crew also finished up, and our window installers worked tirelessly in 103-degree heat to “dry us in.” We did it! We beat monsoon season, and we now officially are waterproof with all windows and sliders in operating order.

Melissa was devastated when her hummingbird pets continued to get caught in the house. Their traditional window openings – which they’d been using for months – suddenly were covered in glass, and once entering through the still-open door pockets, they couldn’t figure out how to escape. Steve had to rescue the hummies with a plastic bucket, the poor tuckered out guys!

Check out our progress under New House Construction June 2009 and the great fast-forward daily progress videos on “New- Construction Timeline.”


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