Take a look at the seven helpers who showed up to assist with the house-building. Although they weren’t much help, their arrival – and departure – was entertaining. And, besides … how many people can say they had seven head of cattle standing in their garage? Their owners – ranchers up in Oracle – were honest-to-goodness cowboys who came the next day on horseback to drive the cattle through the mountains and back to their corrals. They had several “round ups” occurring that day in addition to ours.

Aside from that fun, Steve is steadily progressing with the build. All sill seal and sill plates are secure, and the gluelams/posts in the guest side of the house are complete. Despite rain that continues to fill up our crawl space every weekend, things are going well. Check out our December House Construction videos and December House Construction Photos for progress photos, cattle photos, cowboys and more! And don’t forget the Construction Timeline where you can see Steve working in fast forward.

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