Precip, Punctures & Panels


Thanks to the help of our Colorado buddy, Kory, sheathing was completed Feb. 6 – just in time for Mother Nature to surprise us with 1.5 inches of snow. Although we thoroughly covered the sheathing with black plastic, 39 MPH winds ripped it off the largest section of the house, which meant Melissa was shoveling snow the next morning.

The biggest excitement was the delivery of a portion of our walls a day early on Feb. 15, and the remainder on the 16th. (Steve might argue that the delivery of the forklift was equally exciting, as witnessed by his toying around with it … That is, until the first driver asked Steve to remove 25 ft. panels that were on our truck, but going on to a ski resort in Telluride, Colorado. Then Steve had to rearrange the whole truck for the driver and put the 25 ft. panels back!).

Ironically, the Murus walls came all the way from Melissa’s home state of Pennsylvania. Visit our Web Cams when you can, as we’ll be taking a week off from work (Feb. 23-27) to work on panels. Melissa’s sister, Shannon, will be assisting – and anyone else we can coerce into helping!



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