Almost a White Christmas & Happy 2009


With 2009 here, weíre making progress toward a February/March wall-raising. After final touches, including finishing all the LVL (laminated veneer lumber) beams, adding bearing plates and nuts to the sill plates, securing post caps/post bases, and adding the courtyard drain pipes, we have begun floor joists. Special thanks to neighbor, Mark, who helped us heave the biggest 30-ft. LVLs into place and to our Phoenix neighbor, Charlie, who has made the trek down to help with joists.

The rain that has been plaguing our build actually took a break ñ and was replaced by snow! On Dec. 26, we got about an hourís worth of snow, which melted about 20 minutes after the last flake fell. It was still a treat to see snow falling at the ranch. Check out our snow photos under the House Construction Videos Dec. 2008. Enjoy our joist progress photos during Jan. 2009 and on the Progress Timeline.

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